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See what customers are saying about Lightning Tapes!

I've used the Lightning Tapes plugin on my last 6 shows, printing out around 4500 ft. so far.

Lightning Tapes saved me 55 man hours on the first show alone. I can't see myself doing truss tapes by hand ever again!

Chris and Dan are hands on and respond quickly, via email or phone call. They have walked me through any of the software and hardware questions I've had. Love this product!

— Shawn Seithel

First show using the Lightning Tapes plug in. Fast, accurate and held up for the lighting hang. Thanks guys!

— Jennifer Chesney

Very useful and easy to use tool! We love it

— D-TWO Stage & Light Creations from Austria

I used Lightning Tapes for a recent show for Martin Pro (Harman). 242 moving light fixtures. After speaking with the crew who hung all the lights (because they were the ones who really used it!) they said, "It's the cleanest truss tape we ever saw."

I had just one day to install the Lightning Tapes Plug-In and print them, Chris and Dan got me up running and answered my email questions within hours. Much Thanks guys!

— Leonard Delgado

Lightning Tapes helped me recreate this rig on the beach with 20" truss and locally rented gear, assembled on site rather than my normal three day shop prep to pre-rig truss. Lifesaver!

— Terry Smith

Let me just say, great plugin!

I wasn’t able to participate in your Beta program earlier in the year due to the fall being such a busy time. Now after seeing your plugin in action I wish I had taken the time. Would have made things much easier!

— Larry Gravitt, Lighting Director

I used the Lightning Tapes Plug In to hang 140 moving lights, video screens, PA, and IR translation panels on over 2000 linear feet of truss for a corporate show. By the end of day one of load in we were 6 hours ahead of schedule. While having an awesome crew helped, I estimate that we saved at least 3 hours with the truss tapes. The tapes also allowed me to concentrate on other load in items instead of having to spend time marking where lights went on the truss.

— Greg Persinger, Vivid Illumination

Lightning Tapes has changed the game so much for me. I used to take about 3 days of prepping labels and creating tapes on plastic tapes 10 feet at a time, to accomplish 3000 ft of truss tapes. Now I can do it all in one day. Time is Money!! Thank you so much for creating this program! I have already done so much manipulating and making it an even easier and useful tool in the field. I can't live without it now!

— Mike Salafia

Lightning Tapes has raised the bar for how we load in shows. I started using Lightning Tapes in January and now I consider it essential to any load in. Since preproduction schedules are so tight most of our events wouldn’t have truss tapes made for them unless they were massive. Now because it is so quick and simple to use I bring Lightning Tapes to almost every event. It speeds up the hang and greatly reduces troubleshooting time. I’m excited to see what is new in 2017!

— Michael Myers

Your plug in saves me hours of stress and tape updates. I now travel with the printer just because there are always last minute changes to a plot. Lightning Tapes allows me to prep all of the show at once on site, on a plane, home or office. I can print them all in a matter of an hour, which is a process that used to take hours! The crew loves it and less questions need to be answered when its time to hang. My handwriting is really bad! Thank you for all your hard work.

— Shac Shemen

Lighting Tapes is a fantastic tool. It makes it possible to create tapes on shows that normally wouldn’t have the budget yet is still useful on large scale shows in arenas. I use this tool on every show, It makes my life and my crews job much easier. In addition to all that the customer support is amazing, these guys will get you up and running no matter what!

— Corey Rancourt

I wanted to thank you all again for the amazing assistance with the integration of Lightning tapes into my personal toolkit! 16 trusses, just under 600 total units, all installed exactly to plan in under two days with rig flashed and at trim. No small feat and Lightning Tapes was essential to it being successful! Thank You!

— Jorn Nielsen

Love the plugin, worked great for me. Just got back to my hotel room from loading in a show where we have about 2000’ of lighting truss with Lightning Tapes and everything went great! Stagehands loved it with all the extra info I was able to include and the lead who usually makes our tapes at this venue was very impressed!

— Anthony Miller

My workflow has shifted from creating, printing, and sticking labels onto blank media to a completely digital workflow. Vectorworks has been incredible thanks to the Lightning Tapes plugin.  Having the majority of the work auto populate to virtual ‘labels’ that automatically dimension themselves into the correct position on the tape is a huge time-saver. Now that I have used Lightning Tapes, it is a part of my workflow that I cannot think of doing without.

— Daniel A. Swalec - Head Electrician, American Conservatory Theater

After using Lightning Tapes on multiple shows, I continually hone in the best way to find it’s true potential on my shows. What starts as a tape that lets you know where to hang and what to address your lights at, quickly turns into a full feature toolset that shows your crew how to circuit and orient your fixtures, as well as cutting out a need for labels that go on fixtures, at least for me. Any show that merits a plot and has truss, now merits a printed Lightning Tapes. One of the best plugins I’ve found for Vectorworks as it makes Vectorworks work for you when you are loading in.

— Gary McGarity - Lighting Engineer, BLUEWATER

Your support has been the most useful of any of the software companies I have contacted!

— Mark Olson